2012 Citrus Postharvest Pest Control Conference

On 17th and 18th April, the yearly gathering of the citrus sector '2012 Citrus Postharvest Pest Control Conference' took place in Santa Barbara.

During this occasion, all relevant people from the citrus industry from California as well as Florida are present to talk and discuss not only current issues and worries, but also the future of the citrus industry. Every year, the organization invites a speaker of another important citrus area in the world South Africa last year and Argentina this year. This way, they try to keep informed of the international developments.

A number of presentations handled about HLB (Huanglongbing, named after the village in China where it was first found), a bacteria affecting the trees and resulting in dwarf trees with a small harvest and very small, non-qualitative fruit. It's a threatening disease for the sector in almost every citrus growing area in the world. Moreover, insect infections after harvest have to be controlled, because some of them are being considered as quarantine pests.

This year, Janssen PMP was given the opportunity to present a case about the correct residue profile needed in and on a fruit to have a protective postharvest treatment. Although partly based on rather old data, this was still an eye-opener for a lot of people in the audience. Contrarily to what most people believe, there is not much of the active ingredient penetrating the fruit. It remains in the peel and goes only slightly into the flesh this is exactly where it's needed for control of pathogens infecting through harvest wounds or micro-cracks.



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