Fouling of ships by marine organisms such as barnacles and seaweed leads to increased frictional resistance, which results in a loss of speed and/or increased fuel consumption and air emissions.

We offer a range of antifouling agents for use as additives in antifouling paints to be applied on ship hulls or other marine structures. Our antifouling products make a significant contribution to optimize the operational efficiency of the worldwide commercial and naval fleets.

ECONEA® is a non-metal antifouling agent which exhibits a broad spectrum of activity against hard-shelled and soft-bodied invertebrate animal fouling organisms including barnacles, hydroids, mussels, oysters and tube worms. Its excellent stability, low water solubility and low leach rates ensure that antifouling paints based on ECONEA® can be specified for multi-year dry-docking intervals comparable to those achieved with copper-based products.

Zinc PYRIONTM is a highly effective and well-established antifouling agent for the control of soft fouling marine organisms such as seaweed as well as bacterial and diatomaceous slimes.

Janssen PMP offers more than just biocides and combines its product offering with excellent customer service, biological and analytical testing, as well as worldwide field sales and regulatory support.


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The use of our products is subject to the relevant national legislation. For more information on the status of registration and approval in your country of interest, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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