ECONEA® based Pacifica Plus antifouling paint featured on CNN

In a video clip about clean boating which was shown on CNN, photojournalist Dave Ruff demonstrated that smart choices on the water keep the environment clean. Click here.

The copper-free antifouling paint Interlux Pacific Plus, which contains ECONEA® to control hard fouling, was featured as one of such smart solutions.
Pacifica Plus is designed for those looking for a copper-free antifouling. Pacifica Plus is a dual biocide antifouling that uses Biolux® Slime Blocking Technology to combat slime and ECONEA® to ward off barnacles, zebra mussels and other hard-shelled fouling.
Its ablative action reduces paint build up and helps to improve fuel efficiency. Because it wears away with use, the performance of Pacifica Plus is directly related to the amount of paint applied. Being copper-free, Pacifica Plus is available in bright colors and is suitable for use on all boats including fiberglass, aluminum, wood and steel and can be used in all waters.




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