ECONEA® Product Stewardship Program

The ECONEA® Product Stewardship Program is a new program that was launched in Asia-Pacific

This program aims to create awareness and disseminate information on safe use guidelines and hazard management of ECONEA® to external partners, who will in turn share this important information with our customers.
For Janssen PMP, this program is an important fulfilment, and to realize this goal we have decided to implement two concrete initiatives. Firstly, several on-site training sessions on Safe Use Guidelines for ECONEA® Technical. And secondly, a brochure on Guidelines for the Safe Use of ECONEA® Technical. This program is well underway now, where training sessions have been held for our distributors in Singapore and Malaysia and China and Taiwan.
These training sessions have been successful and interactive, receiving much positive feedback from attendees during the Q&A. As quoted from some of our distributors, the training was useful and constructive, increasing their awareness and familiarity of ECONEA® and the specific safety measures they should take when handling ECONEA®. Our attendees also look forward to receive the brochure, which they consider a valuable tool when sharing information with customers.
Upcoming training sessions will be held in September in Japan, Korea, Vietnam and Thailand. We hope to receive an equally positive response. In the meantime, the English brochure has also been successfully published and can be downloaded here



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