International Congress of Postharvest Pathology

From April 11 until April 14, the International Congress of Postharvest Pathology focused on fruits, vegetables, cereals and flowers was being held in Lleida, a world conference on postharvest pathology under the patronage of the ISPP.  Since Janssen PMP was one of the golden sponsors for this event, our presence was self-evident.

It was a stimulating scientific program with plenary sessions, oral and posters presentations, a round table discussion and thematic meetings.

The Congress discussed many interesting topics, such as: Host-pathogen-environment interactions; Etiology and epidemiology; Effect of pre-harvest treatments on post-harvest disease control; Molecular tools applied to postharvest pathology studies; Chemical and alternative disease control strategies; and Production and formulation of biocontrol agents.
The most important thing to remember from this Congress was that most research is emphasizing on non-chemical ways of controlling post harvest diseases on fruit and the focus is mainly on the induction/augmentation of the natural plant defense on the one hand, and the use of competing micro-organisms that can cover the fruit surface (BCA's) on the other hand. This seems to be a global trend, not only a European.
Several research groups have already entered into a development phase (upscaling of fermentation, formulation development), but unfortunately clear success stories are still lacking.
More info on this and other PostHarvest topics can be found on the website of PostHarvest Pathology:




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