Janssen PMP at the European Coatings Show: a success

Last year we participated in the ‘European Coatings Show’, a leading trade fair for the international paint and coatings industry, an event in which a company like Janssen PMP should not be missed. Both for us and for our prospects, our presence successfully paid off on this three-day experience.

With its 900 exhibitors from over 45 countries, last ‘European Coating Show’ exhibition can speak of a record. More than 26,000 visitors from around the world witnessed the success of this edition. This is some 10% up on the last event in 2009, a positive sign showing the sector has overcome the crisis and the perspectives are auspicious.
With our experienced booth staff – knowing Janssen PMP products and the company inside out – we approached the visitors and showed them exactly what they came for: hands full of information, demonstrations and interesting conversations. Although the big boys in the industry were overwhelmingly present, we did not stay unnoticed on the scene. We managed to confirm our uniqueness as long-established world-leader in development and commercialisation of products protecting human health and well-being of the environment.
During this trade show we got to know new clients, we shook hands, we exchanged business cards, we demonstrated our products and services, and discussed prices and conditions on a face-to-face basis. To put it briefly, we eagerly used this opportunity for our visitors to become acquainted with our brand new corporate identity: a success!
We’ll keep you informed of our participation in the next ‘European Coatings Show’ edition.



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