Janssen PMP presents Nagase with the 2010 Customer of the Year Award

With this award Janssen PMP shows appreciation towards Nagase, because they have shown solid growth in sales of Evipol® in Japan with a sustainable volume growth in 2010.

Moreover, Nagase has exhibited superior sales effort to achieve outstanding sales result that substantially exceeds expectations and has applied market knowledge and insight to expand the Evipol® market by engaging several levels of stakeholders to ensure acceptance and validate product fit through contact and partnership with industry and key opinion leaders.
Nagase also maintains Janssen brands in their product range and ensures a strong Janssen market presence in Japan. Finally, Nagase has worked to develop a sustainable business and secured a position with our products to protect against me too market/price erosion. As such, Janssen PMP is very proud to give this award to Nagase and looks forward to continued success in the upcoming years.
Janssen PMP installed the Customer of the Year in 2006 to acknowledge outstanding achievement and excellence in partnership. The candidates are nominated by the area sales managers and then screened by a selection committee designated by Janssen PMP management. The Customer of the Year recipients are chosen for their focus on Janssen PMP products, for realizing a significant achievement, for developing new markets, for redefining existing markets or for bringing innovation to increase market opportunities. The Award itself is a sculpture that represents the harmony and balance in working together.



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