Poland: Increased fruit processing after larger harvest

Poland’s 2012 fruit harvest was larger than initially expected. According to an additional estimate by the Polish Office of Statistics the accumulative number for the total harvest is 3.7 million tons, 8% larger than the preceding year

The increase is due to the exceptional apple harvest, estimated to be 2.7 million tons. But other crops have performed nearly as well, with only the strawberry harvest lacking in volumes. As a result more produce has been made available for both the export and the processing industry.

In total the Polish fruit processing sector could yield 880,000 tons. The largest share still consists of frozen foods. A prognosis by the agro-economic institute (IERiGZ) the production of frozen fruit this season could amount to 317,000 tons (-5%). And yet, the processing of frozen fruit has seen a declining trend for several years. This in contrast to the increase in production of fruit juice concentrates, which to a large extent depends on the annual apple harvest. It is expected that in the current year 298,000 tons of concentrate will be produced: 15% more than in the previous season.

The production of jams and marmalades is also expected to increase (with a total production of 132,000 tons). The production of juices and nectars is estimated to increase by 1% to 1.6 million tons.




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