Post Harvest

From Harvest to Home

Protection begins in the packinghouse with protective washing solutions and continues through cold storage and refrigerated transport helping to ensure cells and containers are free of spores and spoilage organisms. Extensive trials and experience enable us to recommend dosage levels that are as low as possible, but sufficient enough to adequately protect the fruits.

Treated fruits are better able to withstand the temperature variations that can occur as they are moved from one stage to the next along the value chain. The protection from the original washing solutions remains effective as the fresh fruits are warehoused and distributed to their point of sale, extending shelf life, preserving freshness and nutritional value into the kitchen for final preparation.

Janssen PMP postharvest products provide effective protection. Applying effective protection along the food chain enables suppliers to meet the more stringent demands from retailers for freshness and quality at the point of delivery. Moreover, preventing spoilage means more fresh produce reaches the consumer, reducing waste and making more efficient use of energy for transportation and refrigeration.

At the Packing Houses

The Janssen PMP postharvest products ensure an optimal product at each possible treatment point. It gives opportunities for alternation and/or combinations of different mode of action fungicides in view of anti-resistance management, which is part of our integrated solution for the production of safe and healthy fruit. Toolkits and services for sensitivity monitoring are part of our customer support.

Our responsibility does not end with supplying these highly effective protective products. For the packing and processing plants we have developed equipment to cleanse the treatment solutions, removing residues so that they can be emitted to public sewers safely. We also provide residue-testing services together with certificates for exporters, assuring customs and customers that the produce meets the applicable quality and safety legislation and specifications. Our membership of GlobalGAP enables us to keep pace with developments in these requirements and help ensure they remain practical and economically viable. Finally, with the environment in mind we look beyond the moment of consumption at home and check to ensure that our products have no effect on the composting behaviour of peels, surplus leaves and leftovers.


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The use of our products is subject to the relevant national legislation. For more information on the status of registration and approval in your country of interest, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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