Welcome on our new website

We are pleased to welcome you on our updated and modernized Janssen Preservation and Material Protection (PMP) website. As a visitor, you will notice that we included lots of new and interesting information around Janssen PMP. 

You’ll find more info about who we are and what we do: our story, our mission, our business’ history and cultural heritage projects. We’ll also go more deeply into our Business Units: Antifouling, Microbial Control, Post Harvest and Wood Protection. Of course you can also find addresses and contact details of our affiliates or offices worldwide in case you have any questions.
Our former website had a public information section and a professional section for registered visitors only. The new Janssen PMP website doesn’t make that distinction anymore. As such, the entire website is available for all visitors. We hope this new and improved website helps you find all the information you need about Preservation and Material Protection.
We have incorporated a search engine to help you to identify products from our portfolio that cover specific species/indication combinations.
You will also find regular news updates with topics about Preservation and Material Protection. These may cover news and/or innovations on new and highly effective active substances and end-use products for the protection of materials and products in our markets, as well as reviews of congresses and trade fairs.



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