Wood Protection

Janssen PMP’S R&D in wood preservation began over 20 years ago. We are widely known for the successful introduction of azoles and insect growth regulators (IGRs) in the wood preservation industry. Our compounds are co-formulated with other organic active ingredients or with metal compounds. These combinations allow minimizing the levels of active ingredients in the treatment products by providing a wider spectrum of cover age against wood-attacking organisms. This low retention approach helps to ensure competitiveness and additional reduction of the potential environmental impact of the treatment.

From the cutting down to the sawmill

From the moment a tree is felled and brought to the sawmill, the timber needs protection from wood-attacking organisms. At Janssen PMP, we have a range of wood protecting active ingredients and concentrates optimised to be formulated into industrial, professional and DIY wood preservation products. These active ingredients are effective in the preservation of solid timber as well as in the protection of engineered wood products, including wood-polymer composites.

We continually seek to find potential new active ingredients, co-formulants or technologies for the wood preservation industry. Promising candidates are tested to confirm their efficacy, positive environmental contribution and economical viability. No product is commercialised unless it improves on existing efficacy or environmental performance.

Technical Support

Our technical team is always available to support you in achieving the most optimal usage of our products. Based on your final requirements, we will advise you on the feasible options for your product development.

Moreover, a fully equipped analytical and biological laboratory is at your disposal. In our laboratory we can assist you in achieving the best physical and chemical stability of your formulation, as well as in anticipating the biological performance of your wood preservative in standard biological tests.

In our biological laboratory we developed modified standard tests that allow us to rank the biological performance of different wood preservatives in the short-term. We also have equipment at your disposal to evaluate the penetration of your formulation into the wood.

Together with the analytical laboratory, we can equally assist you in the generation of data on leaching behaviour of your formulation. This information will help you to evaluate the potential incidence of your product in the environment.
The final goal of our team is to support you in the development of a superior product by providing customised assistance.


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The use of our products is subject to the relevant national legislation. For more information on the status of registration and approval in your country of interest, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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