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Besides the need for preservatives to protect the performance and aesthetics of articles, there is increasing public awareness of the need for hygiene in food safety, healthcare facilities, and , consumer products.

Addressing these public health concerns will increase the value and competitive advantage of treated articles in the coming years. Therefore JANSSEN PMP® established a new growth platform on ‘Health and Hygiene including the proven SANAFOR® brand antimicrobial technology.

SANAFOR® is specifically designed for incorporation into plastic products, including injection molded articles, extruded films and profiles, textiles and foams. SANAFOR® thus provides a safe, affordable, effective and globally approved technology that can help protect your plastic products against bacteria, fungi, yeasts and algae.

SANAFOR® thus adds a new functionality (i.e. hygiene protection) to your products, differentiating them in the market place. Co-branding your products with SANAFOR® will increase their value and make your customers aware of this added functionality.

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With unacceptably high numbers of affected patients and annual costs reaching into several billions of dollars, healthcare associated Infections are of major concern to us all. According to the World Health Organization, hundreds of millions of patients suffer healthcare associated Infections worldwide each year, leading to significant mortality and financial losses for health systems.

Especially in healthcare and medical facilities, microorganisms are widespread. Hands of caregivers are in frequent contact with all kinds of surfaces and equipment, playing an important role in the transmission of pathogens.

Hygienists and healthcare providers actively seek ways to create barriers against this spread of microorganisms. SANAFOR®, offers solutions by providing durable, built-in protection against bacteria, fungi, molds and yeasts, and actively controlling organisms that may try to establish themselves in or on your treated product.


As the world population increases and an estimated one-third of all food on the planet is wasted before consumption, at a value of billions of dollars, it’s increasingly important to prevent unnecessary food waste and produce food under the most stringent hygiene conditions. Whether it is in large food processing areas, in the catering industry or in your kitchen at home, hygiene of food contact surfaces is of utmost importance to everyone.

Microorganisms like bacteria and fungi are all around us, and our domestic food contact surfaces (e.g. food storage containers, kitchen utensils, appliances, cutlery) are continuously challenged by these organisms.

The use of antimicrobials in food contact materials is a rapidly developing technology and represents one of the strategies for reducing the growth of bacteria and fungi (molds) on food contact surfaces.


The use of antimicrobials in items found in our homes is already widely accepted. We seek to protect ourselves from exposure, for example, by using antibacterial soaps and wipes to reduce bacteria that impact the overall hygiene.

The SANAFOR® hygiene function offers permanent, built-in protection, protecting us from a wide variety of microorganisms and creating a feeling of cleanliness and well-being.


Due to their large surface area and ability to retain moisture, textiles are susceptible to microbial growth such as bacteria and fungi, which can be found almost everywhere and can quickly multiply, depending on the moisture, nutrients and temperature levels. Microbial growth on textiles causes a range of undesirable effects, not only on the textile itself, but also on the user. These effects include the generation of unpleasant odors, reduction in mechanical strength, stains and discolouration and potentially even health issues.

Zinc PYRION™ (zinc pyrithione) and Sodium PYRION™ (sodium pyrithione) are highly effective products for antimicrobial treatment of textiles, providing a broad spectrum of efficacy against bacteria and fungi. Typical antimicrobial textile treatments with formulations based on Zinc PYRION™ exhibit outstanding durability and wash resistance.

Janssen PMP® supplies Zinc PYRION™ and Sodium PYRION™ to some of the leading specialist formulators for textiles. Several formulations containing Zinc PYRION™ are approved according to the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, product classes I-IV. Zinc PYRION™ is available in powder form or as Zinc PYRION™ 48% MPF, which is a micronized water-based suspension concentrate. Sodium PYRION™ 40% is a true solution of sodium pyrithione in water.


Dandruff on the scalp is characterized by flaking, irritation, itch, redness and dryness. Malassezia spp yeasts are the primary factor in the development of dandruff. You will find such yeast cells on everybody’s scalp, although it will only cause dandruff in around 50% of people.

Zinc PYRION™ (zinc pyrithione) is a highly effective anti-dandruff agent used in shampoos, conditioners and leave-on products. Zinc PYRION™ inhibits the growth of fungi (yeasts and moulds), as well as Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria in cosmetic preparations. Research has shown that Zinc PYRION™ is not only highly effective in reducing the level of viable yeast cells on the scalp but also works by normalizing scalp stratum corneum morphology.

Janssen PMP® supplies Zinc PYRION™ 48% MPF, which is a micronized water-based suspension concentrate. Zinc PYRION™ 48% MPF does not contain any in-can preservative.




Health & Hygiene