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Science is sharing knowledge to uncover the unknown and accelerate change. Collaborating closely with both educational and scientific institutions, small and large corporations, Janssen PMP develops impactful, sustainable and end-to-end innovation. All of which is based on market demand.

We create together, connected by science.

Who we are

Meet the team

Janssen PMP is a leading player in developing sustainable and high-performance solutions for the protection of materials and fresh produce. We are a division of Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, one of the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson. Our small but strong team always aims to build a more sustainable world.

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What we offer

We are active in 3 business segments. The goal always being to actively focus on improving and extending shelf life, aiming to reduce waste:


Pre- and Postharvest products to extend shelf life.


Less hydrodynamic resistance for less fuel consumption by ships, cleaner nets for healthier fish.


Limiting waste by protecting functionality, performance and aesthetics.


How we do it

We support and join forces with both educational and scientific institutes, and with small and large corporations. Everything we do in terms of innovation is done based on market demand. Simultaneously, we enable innovators, providing them with the means to develop, scale up and commercialise their sustainable, impactful technologies.

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