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Since 90% of traded goods world-wide are carried over sea, both our planet and the people living on it have a lot to gain from effective control of soft and hard fouling of the vessels carrying these products. Preventing such organisms from clinging to the hull of a ship results in less fuel consumption and helps to safeguard biodiversity, while clean aquaculture nets are essential for fish welfare. Janssen PMP has developed leading-edge antifouling products for both applications.


Clean nets are essential for fish farming. The cleaner the nets, the smoother the water exchange and the less fish pathogens or parasites such as sea lice. Both are important to keep the fish and their habitat healthy.


To be able to produce healthier fish whilst reducing maintenance costs, fish farmers mostly use nets coated with an antifouling product. Using an organic product like ECONEA® offers many advantages.

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Marine & yacht

Fouled ships move less swiftly through water. Marine organisms that cling to a ship cause more friction with water, which can increase fuel consumption and related greenhouse gas emissions by up to 40%. We offer a range of antifouling agents for use as additives in antifouling paints. They significantly increase the fuel efficiency of commercial and naval fleets worldwide.


Fouled ships also often carry invasive species between regions. These are a threat to ecosystems worldwide. An effective antifouling paint helps to prevent this translocation and to safeguard biodiversity.

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