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Crop Management

Crop management is all about reducing food waste. The better we protect the food we have grown from diseases and the traces of time, the longer it's available to consumers worldwide. A long shelf life makes for less waste. This in turn helps us fight hunger and decreases the ecological footprint of everyone involved, from farmer to consumer.


The soil beneath our feet holds untapped potential. At Janssen PMP, we're continuously researching sustainable solutions to do more with what we have. We've been observing, investigating, and understanding the intricate dance between plants and the soil. We've seen the challenges, felt the urgency, and we have been inspired. In biostimulation, we've found something that could be a step towards improving the quality of our crops and fresh produce. It's about giving back, about ensuring that the next generation inherits a planet where agriculture is sustainable, and food production is bountiful.


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Disease control

Our products prevent fruits and vegetables from decaying, vastly extending their shelf life. With half a century of experience in global postharvest treatments of fruits, we have developed strong, unprecedented technical and commercial end-to-end expertise.

Having started off with Imazalil, the reference standard in terms of fungicide applied on citrus fruits, we continued to add other new technologies, offering pack houses more solutions to market high-quality fruits globally for the benefit of consumers. Less disease and less waste, more beneficial impact on the planet.

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Quality management

The right product keeps fruit just as fresh, firm and juicy at the end of a long storage period as it was when it was harvested. It makes for less waste, lowering the impact on the planet and allowing people all around the world to get access to fresh produce for the right price.


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