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PENBOTEC® is an ideal solution because of its broad spectrum of activity and in case of resistant strains to other active ingredients. The product can be used in pome fruits as well as in citrus fruits and stone fruits. It offers both preventive and curative activity.

It is based on the active ingredient pyrimethanil and has a proven track record in the market as a premium postharvest treatment for the control of postharvest diseases. PENBOTEC® is suitable for a variety of application methods such as dip, drench, and flooder applications, as well as aqueous and wax-line spray applications. 

Why use PENBOTEC®?

  • Proven efficacy against green and blue mold at global level
  • Very good curative and preventive effect
  • Long-lasting activity
  • MRL worldwide and FAT in Japan established
  • Unique resistance management tool
  • A broad range of services provided by Janssen PMP's distributors, the service companies
  • Excellent return on investment

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