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NOVASTIM®: stronger plants, better food use

At Janssen PMP, we are always looking to develop sustainable solutions to do more with what we have. The rich soil on which we walk harbors many valuable resources that offer opportunities. That is why we help farmers to improve their crop yields with expertly crafted biostimulants. These smart products contribute to a greener world and a more Sustainable Tomorrow.

How we meet the farmers' needs

NOVASTIM® is a distinguished biostimulant, crafted from the specialised fermentation of a specific strain of the beneficial bacterium Bacillus subtilis. This process culminates in a purified blend of metabolites, that does not contain any microbial cells. When applied to plants, they invigorate a range of physiological processes, leading to enhanced growth, nutrient transport, and photosynthesis. The outcome? Plants that are not only robust but also resilient to environmental challenges, ensuring improved nutrition, growth and yield for better food production.

Why use NOVASTIM®?

  • Superior growth & resilience:
    NOVASTIM® propels plant growth and enhances their resilience against abiotic stress.
  • Consistent quality:
    delivers a steady composition, rich in beneficial metabolites that positively influence crop physiology.
  • Innovative filtration:
    incorporates cutting-edge filtration technology, ensuring product purity and effectiveness.
  • Sustainable farming:
    supports eco-friendly agricultural practices, aligning with the global shift towards green agriculture.
  • Return on investment:
    provides consistent results across a variety of crops, ensuring a profitable return for growers.

Get in touch with our experts

We can only do it together. So, let's have a chat if you are interested in understanding more about NOVASTIM® or have any questions.

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