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NURSPRAY®: making plants thrive in the most challenging conditions

In our aim to provide farmers with sustainable solutions to get more out of their crops, we develop biostimulants to fortify the growth of plants and make them more resilient against climatic conditions.


Another step on the road to a more Sustainable Tomorrow

When unpredictable weather is around the corner, NURSPRAY® is our answer. It embodies our mission to shape the future of crop management. As a part of our global initiative, it ensures crops thrive, reflecting our broader commitment to resilience and a Sustainable Tomorrow. With NURSPRAY®, you're choosing a product sourced for its scientific backing and alignment with our passion for the planet.

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State-of-the-art solution

A cutting-edge biostimulant crafted to bolster plants against abiotic stress conditions such as droughts, soaring temperatures, and erratic rainfall. This state-of-the-art foliar spray employs a unique signal molecule to awaken the plant's defence mechanisms, allowing it to adapt and rebound from these stressors more effectively.


By perfectly timing the activation of the plant's innate defence systems, NURSPRAY® amplifies plant resilience, promotes superior growth, and ensures peak performance for enhanced food production, even in the most challenging terrains.


One of our innovative biostimulant products was put to the test by a client farmer of Janssen PMP. We are delighted to report that the results have been truly impressive. During this trial conducted in Italy in April 2023, the farmer personally tested our biostimulant product on lettuce crops, and the difference it made was
remarkable. Not only did the treated lettuce show a much healthier appearance, it also grew significantly bigger than the untreated ones.


Janssen PMP conducted several trials with biostimulant products. One of the trials focused on the apple variety known as Morgen. The results are simply outstanding.
During the trial, we tested our biostimulant on apples, and the difference it made in color uniformity is remarkable. When comparing the treated apples with the untreated ones, the treated apples showcased a clear color uniformity, a critical quality parameter, especially for red apples.
This trial was conducted in the region of Trentino, Italy, September 2023.


Why use NURSPRAY®?

  • Immediate impact: showcases remarkable efficacy within just a day of application, offering plants the support they need during unexpected weather extremes or other stress factors.
  • Exclusive signal molecule: boasts a patented signal molecule, setting it apart as a unique biostimulant,in the market. This ingredient triggers the plant's survival instincts, enhancing its tolerance to stress and ensuring top-tier performance even in adverse conditions.
  • Versatility: seamlessly integrates with existing agricultural routines and is compatible with a variety of other agricultural products. Its broad adaptability makes it the go-to choice for diverse crops and farming methods.
  • Eco-friendly: sourced from natural origins, it aligns with the rising demand for sustainable agricultural solutions. It is a nod to the environment, human health, and the well-being of animals, making it a good choice for modern farming.

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