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Ovalis Rhizofertil®: state-of-the-art product, impressive yields

Our biostimulants are the product of our ambition to get more out of what we already have. Collaborating closely with the farmers who have the potential to increase their already great impact on our food production, we develop products that improve crop yields.

Every step we take is one step closer to a greener, more Sustainable Tomorrow.


A produce of unparalleled quality ánd impact

We want to make products that support sustainable farming. And, at the same time, meets the practical needs of modern agriculture for better food production. OVALIS RHIZOFERTIL® blends perfectly with those targets.

It's a state-of-the-art biostimulant meticulously crafted to optimise the rhizosphere, fostering robust plant growth and enhancing crop quality. At its core is the potent strain known as I-4613 of Pseudomonas putida (108 CFU/g). This unique formulation stimulates the release of natural phytohormones and metabolites that synergise with organic matter in the rhizosphere, propelling improved crop yields and produce of unparalleled quality.


  • Amplified produce size:
    experience bountiful harvests with fruits and vegetables that are not only larger but also boast exceptional flavour profiles.
  • Plant resilience & soil structure:
    OVALIS RHIZOFERTIL® not only fortifies plants against various stressors, but it also ensures
  • Versatility:
    with just a single application, OVALIS RHIZOFERTIL® delivers remarkable efficacy. Plus, its compatibility with other products offers flexibility in crop management strategies.
  • Exclusive EV strain:
    leveraging a proprietary strain deposited at the esteemed Pasteur Institute, OVALIS RHIZOFERTIL® ensures unmatched quality and efficacy.

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