Thanks to JANSSEN PMP® postharvest products, consumers can have access to quality fruits year-round.

With more than 50 years of experience in postharvest treatments of fruits globally, JANSSEN PMP® has developed strong technical and commercial expertise.There is no equivalent in the market. JANSSEN PMP® started its postharvest business with the active ingredient ImazalilTM, the reference standard in terms of fungicide applied on citrus fruits. Discovered in our laboratories, ImazalilTM was first introduced on bananas and later on citrus. Still today, more than 45 years after its discovery, this compound remains the backbone of any postharvest treatment scenario in bananas and citrus.

During this tenure, JANSSEN PMP® added other new technologies, offering pack houses more solutions to market high quality fruits globally for the benefit of consumers.

With sales in more than 35 countries in the world, JANSSEN PMP® has a unique positioning as innovating marketer of postharvest solutions. Because of its focused positioning on postharvest treatment of fresh produce, JANSSEN PMP® developed over the years a very strong global distribution network. JANSSEN PMP® always selected the best partners in each of the markets where products of JANSSEN PMP® are registered and used.


JANSSEN PMP® postharvest products ensure an optimal product at each possible treatment point. It gives opportunities for alternation and/or combinations of fungicides with different modes of action in view of anti-resistance management, which is part of our integrated solution for the production of safe and healthy fruit. Toolkits and services for sensitivity monitoring are part of our customer support.

Our responsibility does not end with supplying these highly effective protective products. For the packing facilities, we have developed processes to cleanse the treatment solutions, removing residues so that they can be safely emitted to public sewers. With the environment in mind we look beyond the moment of consumption at home and check to ensure that our products have no effect on the composting behavior of peels, surplus leaves and leftovers.

We also provide residue-testing services together with certificates for exporters, assuring customs and customers that the produce meets the applicable quality and safety legislation and specifications.


Today our portfolio is not limited to fungicides such as FUNGAFLOR®, PENBOTEC® or PHILABUSTER® but the plant growth regulator FYSIUM®.

FYSIUM® is a unique and patented technology related to 1-MCP. FYSIUM®, is an in situ generation system in which 1-MCP is produced on site guaranteeing delivery of the right dose at the right time. FYSIUM® can be considered as the future of 1-MCP because it is produced in a closed system outside the fruit storage room eliminating exposure to applicators and by-standers.

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The R&D department of JANSSEN PMP® is still strongly focused on innovative postharvest solutions. JANSSEN PMP® is committed to introduce safer alternative and organic solutions demanded by packers applying post-harvest products.



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