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Optimize and protect your crop

Crop management is all about supplying enough quality food to feed the world. The better we vitalise the food we grow and protect it after harvest, the better it can counteract the traces of time, the longer it is available to consumers worldwide. A healthy product and a long shelf life make for less waste.

BIOSTIMULANTS: Improve the growth and vitality of your crops with Nurspray®, Ovalis Rhizofertil®, and Novastim®

At Janssen PMP, we're dedicated to unlocking the hidden potential of the soil. Through our research and understanding of the relationship between plants and soil, we've found a solution that can enhance crop quality and increase food production. Join us in building a sustainable future for agriculture and ensuring a bountiful planet for generations to come.

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PENBOTEC®: Protect your crops optimally and significantly extend shelf life

Our products extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, reducing waste and benefiting the planet. With over 50 years of experience, we offer innovative solutions for pack houses to market high-quality produce globally.

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FYSIUM®: Preserve the quality and vitality your harvested products

The right treatment keeps your harvested products as fresh, firm and juicy at the end of a long storage period as it was when it was harvested. It makes for less waste, lowering the impact on the planet and allowing people all around the world to get access to fresh produce for the right price.

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